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I have today amazing Dreamy music with 3 tracks ,right now we are playing enjoy

Who is Soft wave? I want to give you some history about Softwave


Debut album — ’GAME ON’

By SoftWave

Release April 11, 2019 (vinyl/digital and soon on CD)

With support from DJBFA and Koda’s Cultural Funds

’Game On’ is a Danish musically uplifting synth-pop universe without ironic, attitude and stadionpumping shifts.

The upcoming debut album from the hardworking duo is the beginning of something grand. A blend of pop music, synths, hardware, love, and gaming, which completes SoftWave. SoftWave invites everyone to join their game — the only thing you have to do is “PRESS PLAY”.

The music is produced by SoftWave, programming and synths by Jerry Olsen and vocals and lyrics by Catrine Christensen. Together they create catchy choruses, which seek to move your soul, motivate the drive to live and maintain happiness transcending existential crises. The album title ‘Game On’ refers to the positive and fun of gaming from both the 80’s and nowadays. This has had an effecton the music and lifequality of SoftWave. SoftWavedescribes the forthcoming release with the words: “...if’s like a drug pulling you away from the seriousness of everyday life, pure entertainment w'ith the goal of putting a smile on your fece.It’s e throwback to the good stuff from the pest thet we bring into the future”. SoftWave producespure synth- pop from the heart,a Danish production with inspiration from the British synth-pop sound with Englishlyrics written by Catrine Christensen. Catrine describes her lyrics as “Stories from her everyday life with e touch of happiness, persona lity end fighter spirit, which seeks toawaken the listener’s curiosity and inner glow' to never lose courage”.

Ever since the success of SoftWave’s debut-EP the productions in the home studio in Herlev have reached new heights, which manifest in the new album’s danceable and catching songs with SoftWave’s own touch — pure synth-pop —

RELEASE PARTY: April 12, 2019 at Nordsa Records, Copenhagen. (support Aux Animaux, SE) + special guests Elektrokor


SoftWave was established in 2014. SoftWavereleased their debut-EP(‘Together Alone’ 2016,‘Together Alone The Remixes’ 201’7) without any knowledge about the music industry and with huge ambitions of becoming a popular synth-pop duo in Denmark and abroad. SoftWave was recommended by Danish National Radio (Karrierekanonen), reviewed by GAFFA (DK), playlisted by New Nordic Indie, interviewed by The Electricity Club (UK), received support from DMF (Danish Music Foundation) for their concerts in London (UK, 2018) and W-Festival (Belgium, 2018). Now SoftWave’s music rotates permanently on several radio stations and playlists internationally (UK, IS, DE, CN, SE, BE). With recommendations from ex members of Human League,Gary Numan, Dead or Alive,Dramatis, Visage (ChrisPayne, Ian Burden,Jo Callis) and mentions in Erasure’s newsletter, the future of SoftWave is promising.

SoftWave received a lot of positive feedback after the release of'Game On'.

Not only has the album been recommended by synth-pop stars, but also charted by German Electronic Web Chart (GEWC) as no.9 best album, rated 1o/10 by NightrideFM, reviewed by The Electricity Club (UK), Cold War Night Life (SE), Side-Line Magazine (BE). The most popular single ‘Something is Missing’ is licensed to ZYX MUSIC (Germany) in addition to ZYX’s new CD compilation ‘Italo Disco New Generation i s and has been charted as no.11 best track (GEWC) and recently no.2 most played song (Club80s New Generation Chart, Nov 2019).

”The Danish duo of SoftWave have crafted pure synthpop bliss on their newest LP, Game On... Not only does it work, I feel as if it stands head and shoulders with the likes of Erasure, OMD, and the Human League.” — hightride FM (USA)

TRACK BY TRACK (short description of each song, written by Catrine Christensen)

1. Takeoff (intro)

Works as a countdown to connect the gamer-theme with the following tracks on the album.

2. Something Is Missing

“Temporary satisfaction isn’t good enough for me”

An authentic experience from Catrine’s childhood. Back then she learned that life contains greater things than just temporary material things.

First time we met you were fragile and innocent I sensed the fear in your eyes - fighting against the urge to cry” - A story about a unique relationship between Catrine and her dog Nero, whom she loved very much.

3. No Need To Hide

“Catrine's vocal pitching ie exquisite" - ex Human League member, Jo Callis (this song was his favourite)

"No need to hide no need to be afraid - You are in a safe place here - Here with me"

A personal description of the effects group therapy can have on your mind and personal development when confronting serious crises during your life “Beyond the scars you have been given, the pain will fade away – The longer you’re here, you’ll be okay”

4. Reflected Memories

Do you know the feeling of living in a dream? Where everything just seem weird and the same things repeat itself but where the characters in the dream changes. Does all this happen for a reason? Sometimes you might feel that days are similar or you even end up experience déjà vu. Experiences from your daily life that make you think differently “reflected memories”.

5. Guardian Angel

This beautiful spiritual inspired song is about protection of a guardian angel that speaks to the lost listener.

6.Valor (instrumental track by Jerry Olsen)


I Need Love

This is not a typical love song. This song is written for those who can’t stand love songs because they can’t relate to it. If you don’t want to admit how important love is because it frightens you to know that you can’t live without it – you seriously need love in your life.

“For some people love isn’t easy and some are maybe not able to understand the essence of love - therefore I wrote this song to let them know what it’s all about”- Catrine Christensen, Softwave.

8. Curiosity

This is a fictive story about a forgotten “one-hit-wonder”. A huge fan research the mystery and finds her idol deep frozen in a container for human bodies in an underground laboratory. The idol is brought back to life by the fan and together they make another hit. Catrine came up with this idea inspired by hers and Jerry’s big conversations and frustrations during the production of 'Game On'. “We always struggled to make a hit for the album and this whole thing made me curios about one-hit-wonderswhich I had to write about” – Catrine Christensen, Softwave

9. Human Beings

For this song, Catrine got immediately inspired to write the lyrics after watching a TEDx teaching- video on Facebook“Wisdom is to understand this simple universal principle, that in giving we receive. By getting things, we make a living. By giving we make a life. The spiritual

10. Galaxy of Stars

”What are they made of, stone or dust - why don’t they ever fade like I do each day”

Imagine yourself lying in your bed at night reflecting on the things that happened during your day - maybe you’re longing for greater things to happen or maybe you just enjoy the silence at night which make you philosophize.

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