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we want to give you more information about history of this talented DJ in the world (Mister Ali gator)

Dj Aligator was born on March 10th 1975, in Tehran, Iran,As the youngest member of a rather large family Ali enjoyed all the love, attention, and care he received from his parents and five older siblings. He describes his childhood as a happy one. In particular, he remembers how much he loved all the gatherings and parties his parents arranged quite often at their house. Relatives, friends, and neighbors would come together to mingle, sing, and dance to the music of a hired live band. While other kids of his age fooled around the house, chasing one another, and wrestling Ali would rather stand next to the guy playing the keyboard, fixing his eyes on the black and white keys which made all those pretty sounds. The love for music began to develop and grow inside young Ali rapidly. His obsessive passion for music however did not go unnoticed by his father. Ali got a toy keyboard for his tenth birthday.

The teen entertainer… Inspired by his beloved new toy, and in spite of total lack of musical knowledge or experience, somehow Ali was able to pick up any melody he’d hear here and there and replay it on his tiny keyboard, impressing and astonishing his family and friends. He managed soon to acquire some fame in the neighborhood, known for his natural talent, and the ability to entertain. One could often see the little musician warming up birthday parties, weddings and other occasions. There and then Ali knew what he wanted to do with his life. Moving to Denmark… Three years later it was decided for Ali to move in with his oldest sister who at the time resided in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was an incredibly difficult challenge for him to be faced with as a 13 years old boy – a new language, a culture completely unknown to him, not to mention the great geographical distance from the rest his family. However, Ali was determined not to abandon his goal of becoming a professional musician. It was just a matter of time before he could carry on the pursuit of his dream. Studies in music… While devoting as much spare time as possible to playing the keyboard Ali embarked on his preliminary education in music by attending introductory courses in jazz and classical. This helped him tremendously in gaining a deeper understanding of music in general as well as learning how to play his instrument by the notes.

Upon graduating from high school, Ali did not hesitate to enter the Rhythmic program at the Danish Music Conservatory. This would give him the opportunity to push his comprehension of music even further, building up and laying down the theoretical foundations for a future carrier as a professional musician. The first mixer… While attending school eagerly Ali began to plan his next move. Being fully aware of the fact that although what he was learning in school was quite beneficial, in order for him to accelerate on his path to success he had to furnish his education with a more hands-on experience. The simple keyboard he owned wouldn’t suffice.