Beat Service-Cut and Run (Original Mix Edit)

I have super Track from Beat service I hope you enjoy who is Beat service? Special Beat Service is the third album by the Britishska band the Beat. Like the rest of their material, it was released in the US under the name "the English Beat". It reached #39 on the Billboard 200 album chart in 1983 on the strength of two singles, "I Confess" and "Save It for Later," the videos for which received modest airplay on the fledgling MTV video network. An instrumental version of the song "Rotating Head" had previously been released as the B-side of the single, "Jeanette", under the title, "March of the Swivel Heads". It was used in the conclusion of the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off in 1986 and in 2015 it was used in Regular Show: The Movie. The aircraft that the band appears to be disembarking on the cover is a Vickers VC10, a British designed four-engined jet. Contents

  • 1 Ackee 1-2-3

  • 2 Critical reception

  • 3 Track listing

  • 3.1 LP

  • 3.2 CD reissue

  • 4 Personnel

  • 5 References

Ackee 1-2-3 The lyrics for the first half of the second verse, "Forward where the knocks are hardest, some to failure, some to fame; Never mind the cheers or hooting, keep your head and play the game", are from the King Edward's School, Birmingham 'School Song'[8] which was written by Alfred Hayes. The song has strong Latin overtones, employing a Mexican-style mariachi trumpet and a short conga dance rhythm at the end. Critical reception The Spin Alternative Record Guide wrote that "'Save It For Later' and 'End of the Party' are romantic, piano-driven pop gems."[7] Track listing

  • Per label: All songs written by the Beat

except "Pato and Roger a Go Talk", words by Pato & Roger, music by the Beat

  • Per ASCAP: All songs written by Roger Charlery, Andrew Cox, Everett Morton, David Steele and David Wakeling

except "Sorry", "Sole Salvation" and "Sugar And Stress" written by Charlery, Cox, Wesley Magoogan, Morton, Steele and Wakeling"Pato and Roger a Go Talk" written by Charlery, Cox, Morton, Patrick Murray, Steele and WakelingLP Go-Feet FEET-5, 1982 Side A:

  1. "I Confess" – 4:34

  2. "Jeanette" – 2:46

  3. "Sorry" – 2:33

  4. "Sole Salvation" – 3:05

  5. "Spar Wid Me" – 4:32

  6. "Rotating Head" – 3:24

Side B:

  1. "Save It for Later" – 3:34

  2. "She's Going" – 2:10

  3. "Pato and Roger a Go Talk" – 3:19

  4. "Sugar and Stress" – 2:57

  5. "End of the Party" – 3:32

  6. "Ackee 1-2-3" – 3:12

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